Sunday, November 21, 2010

My New Voiceover Business Strategy

I'm really getting excited about FaffCon2! For one thing, it'll be in Atlanta. And I love Atlanta. Plus there are a ton of awesome VO talents based there, a lot of whom I only know online but have always wanted to meet in person.

But, I'd be looking forward to it if it were being held in a dungeon on Mars! I had a profound professional breakthrough at FaffCon1. And while I'm still working through the goals I set there, and the Faffterglow hasn't worn off yet, I know I'll be ready for a booster shot in February.

Usually my New Year's resolutions have already been set, and have fallen apart, by the time February 25th rolls around. So, I'm implementing a new personal strategy: I'm breaking up my business planning and goal setting into chunks from FaffCon to FaffCon.

The Topic Sessions and conversations with other participants will help me with accountability and mid-course correction. Then, at FaffCon2's close, I can review and set goals for the period before the next FaffCon.

I'm thinking ahead on decisions I can make to support this strategy. For one thing, I'm definitely going to stay over through Sunday night so I can hang out with folks one last evening and squeeze every last bit of juicy goodness from the experience. And I'm going to fly out a little later-- I don't want to have to rush to the airport on Monday. I'm going to try to steal a little time with my notes and thoughts before I'm immersed in my bustling daily life again.

What do you think? What's your plan?

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